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Medical License Service

Our medical licensing service facilitates the entire medical licensure process from start to finish, including but not limited to the following:

  • Complete Research of Your Practice History
    We will research your entire professional history starting with your undergraduate university in order to obtain information such as mailing addresses and contact information for the purpose of verifying your credentials to the State Medical Board.
  • Professional Completion of all documentation
    We will professionally complete your state medical license application, as well as professional completion of all letters and forms necessary to request verification of your credentials for the state medical board.
  • Collection of All State Board Required Credential Verifications
    We will request and follow-up on all required credential verifications directly from each facility. Including: undergrad transcripts, medical school transcripts, reference letters, letter of good standing from other licensing boards, examination transcripts, postgraduate training evaluations, hospital staff evaluations, employment verification, AMA profile, NPDB query, federation query, and malpractice claims history report/documents
  • Tracking & Follow-Up of All documentation
    We will track your entire state medical license application process from start to finish. This includes following up with the state medical board and each facility providing verification of your credentials to the medical board. Aggressive follow up is one of the most important steps necessary to ensure accurate and timely processing of your state medical license application and credential verification requests.
  • Frequent Progress Updates
    Your State Medical License application will be assigned to one file manager in our office who will be your point of contact. You will have continuous access to your file manager during the entire application process. An update on your file will always only be a simple phone call or email away. We also offer an online progress report that is available 24/7.
  • Detailed Instructions
    We will provide detailed instructions for any step of the process that must be completed by you (i.e. signature, notarization, finger printing). In most cases all that will ever be required of you is a signature, the rest will be handled by us.
Physician licensure $499
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DEA Registration $50
Controlled Substance Registration $65
FCVS profile establishment/request $99

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Hospital privilege credentialing

  • Professional completion of hospital application
  • Collection of all required verifications (generally includes: reference letters, postgraduate training evaluations,
  • hospital staff evaluations)
  • Tracking/follow up to ensure accurate and timely processing of application and verification requests
  • Frequent progress updates.
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Another wonderful experience with the right results. My licensing consultant was fabulous, and kept me apprised of my progress. Thanks again and have other docs call me for a reference!

Randal Wojciehoski, MD

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