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Company Policies

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. IS NOT affiliated with any medical board

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. recognizes that respecting user privacy over the Internet is of utmost importance. This privacy statement is designed to provide information about the privacy and data collection practices for the site: The Site is operated by Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc.

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Identifying Information

In general, you can visit the site without telling us who you are or providing any information about yourself. In some areas of the site, we ask you to provide information that will enable us to process an order, offer services that require registration, assist you with technical support issues or to follow up with you. Generally, Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. requests identifying information when you:

  1. Register on our web site
  2. Place an order
  3. Provide feedback to an online survey or tell us about an idea or suggestion
  4. Request a special service
  5. Request information or files from technical support or customer service

In these instances, Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. will ask for your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other appropriate information needed to provide you with these services. In all instances, if you receive a newsletter or other mailing from us, you will always be able to “unsubscribe” to these mailings at any time.

What Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. Will Do With Your Information

If you choose to give us personal information for any of the purposes above, this information is retained by Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. and will only be used by Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. for the purpose intended and to support your customer relationship with us. We will not add you to a mailing list, or newsletter.

What Others May Do With Your Information

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. does not share, rent, or sell any personally identifying information to any outside organization for use in its marketing or solicitations. From time to time Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. may use agents who will have access to some of your personal information to perform services for Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. (such as credential verification or document translation), however, they are required by law to keep the information confidential and may not use it for any purpose other than to carry out the services for Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc.. In addition, Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. may also share aggregate information about its customers and its web site visitors to advertisers, business partners, and other third parties. For example, we might share that our users are x percent PCs users and y percent Macintosh users. None of this information, however, will contain personal, identifying information about our users.

Third Party Links

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. does provide links to other sites. Other Internet sites and services have separate privacy and data collection practices. Once you leave, Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. cannot control, and has no responsibility for, the privacy policies or data collection activities at another site.


At times, we will use a feature on your web browser to send your computer a “cookie.” We do not use cookies to retrieve any personal information from your computer. We only use cookies to learn ways to enhance our site, and to give you better, more personalized service while at our web site. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or indicate when a cookie is sent. However, some functions of the site will not function if you refuse cookies. These areas of our web site will have information posted about cookies, and when a cookie will be uploaded to your computer.

Changes to this Policy

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. may from time to time revise its privacy policy. You may periodically visit this page, so you are aware of any such revisions. We will not, however, use your existing information in a manner not previously disclosed. You will be advised and have the opportunity to opt out of any new use of your information.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy and/or the practices of our web site, you can write to:

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc
Attn: Web Master
1765 East Nine Mile Rd, Suite 1 #358
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*During your application process an alternate email address may be used to aide in correspondence with the Medical board. *

Refund Schedule

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. employs some of the most experienced and professional licensure specialists in the business. To back this claim up Healthcare Licensing Services offers a 100% money back guarantee to all of its clients. We guarantee that you will not be denied a medical license due to an error on our part. If the licensure process is canceled for any reason before your license is issued you may be entitled to a partial refund per application as follows:

  • Before your application is prepared – we will refund all except $150 per license
  • After your application is prepared, but before your credential verifications have been prepared – we will refund all except $350 per license
  • After your credential verifications have been sent, but before any follow-up has been performed – we will refund all except $525 per license
  • After credential verifications have been sent, and follow-up has been performed – we will issue a refund on a case-by-case basis per license

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service or to cancel service at any point during the licensure process due to unprofessional behavior exhibited by a client. If Healthcare Licensing Services cancels service, the client will be entitled to a prorated refund according to the parameters listed above.

International Credentials

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. does assist foreign medical graduates with obtaining licensure, however; we do not have the ability to collect international credentials (international medical school transcripts). When assistance is required by our client to obtain international credential verification, we outsource this step of the process to a board approved credential verification service.

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. uses a stream lined step-by-step system that allows us to perform our duties quickly and accurately at the lowest possible cost to you. Our flat service fee is based on our ability to perform each step of the process in a predetermined amount of time.

The Following are the only exceptions to our flat rate policy:

Document Reproduction

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. will provide unlimited alteration to any of the documents that it prepares. The client will only be billed $60 per hour in the following situations: Excessive “personal preference” alterations (examples include but are not limited to – font, spacing, or pitch changes), or reproduction of documents that were lost, damaged, or held up by the client.

Client Caused Delays

An action by the client that keeps us from performing at our normal speed of operation may cause the client to be billed for additional time. Some examples of client caused delays may include – withholding information, not responding to correspondence within a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks), holding your completed application for longer than a month before submitting it to the board.

Excessive Malpractice or Employment History

If a client has more than 3 malpractice cases or more than 10 employment/staff privileges that must be verified, we may bill extra depending on how much time is required to collect the verifications. This will be determined on a case by case basis, and will be discussed with the client before any verifications are requested.

Please keep in mind that we will spend whatever amount of time is needed to complete the licensure process and additional billing is extremely rare.