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Oregon Medical License Service

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Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. specializes in helping physicians apply for medical licensure in the state of Oregon.

Our Oregon medical licensing service facilitates the entire medical licensure process from start to finish, including but not limited to the following:

  • Complete Research of your history
    We will research your entire professional history from Undergraduate School to date to obtain information such as mailing addresses and contact information for the purpose of verifying your credentials to the Oregon Medical Board. We are also able to research Medical License numbers, issue dates, and expiration dates.
  • Professional Completion of all documentation
    We will assure you professional completion of your Oregon medical license application, as well as professional completion of all letters and forms necessary to request verification of your credentials for the Oregon medical board.
  • Collection of All Oregon Board Required Credential Verifications
    We will request and collect all required credential verifications directly from each facility. Including: undergrad transcripts, medical school transcripts, reference letters, letter of good standing from other licensing boards, examination transcripts, postgraduate training evaluations, hospital staff evaluations, employment verification, AMA profile, NPDB query, federation query, and malpractice claims history report/documents
  • Tracking & Follow-Up of all documentation
    We will track your entire Oregon Medical License application process from start to finish. This includes following up with the Oregon Medical Board and each facility providing verification of your credentials to the medical board. Aggressive follow up is one of the most important steps necessary to ensure accurate and timely processing of your Oregon Medical License application and credential verification requests
  • Frequent Progress Updates
    Your Oregon Medical License application will be assigned to one file manager in our office who will be your point of contact. You will have continuous access to your file manager during the entire application process. An update on your file will always only be a simple phone call or email away.
  • Detailed Instructions
    We will provide detailed instructions for any step of the process that must be completed by you (i.e. signature, notarization, finger printing). In most cases all that will ever be required of you is a signature, the rest will be handled by us.

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State Requirements

State Board USMLE Attempt Limit Time Limit US/Canadian Postgraduate Training Reqs Foreign Postgraduate Training Reqs SPEX exam required?
Oregon No attempt limit per steps I and II. Four (4) attempts on step III Must complete USMLE Steps I, II, and III within seven (7) years of passing the first step; Ten (10) years if MD/PhD One year One year, three years if med school is non-approved YES; unless board certified or re-certified by a specialty or sub-specialty in the last 10 years, or if state board exam was taken before 1968

Oregon Facts:

Oregon is one of the quieter states on the West Coast, sandwiched in between Washington and California, but Oregon is a jewel of a state. The Willamette River runs through Oregon, and a number of wonderful, gorgeous cities are along the river: Portland, a funky, friendly city of just over half a million residents; Eugene, home of the University of Oregon; and Salem, the state capital, and the second-largest city in the state (with a population of approximately 150,000). The eastern part of Oregon is very different from the western part ñ sparsely populated, with much of it desert terrain; western Oregon, by contrast, is famous for its lush greenery, its mild, wet weather, and its forests.