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Client Testimonials

Ms. Singleton was a pleasure to work with; she is extremely detail-oriented, timely with questions and emails, very helpful with credentialing issues and was persistent in dealing with all of the institutions for a myriad information required by the Medical Board to finalize my license. I would highly recommend her and Healthcare Licensing Services to my colleagues for their professional services.

Charlene Scheim, DO

Angela did an amazing job. I am very grateful.

Sivan Golan, MD.

I very much appreciated Megan’s hard work and excellent assistance in obtaining my Massachusetts medical license. She was always cheerful and professional in our interactions. Even thought the application process for the state of Massachusetts was often time-consuming and tedious, she was always pleasant and dependable. When I needed help I could depend on a prompt reply. I would be happy to recommend your company in the future.

Susan Buckner, MD.

I have only words of glory and I am extremely thankful for everything your staff did. Highly professional service and extremely qualified staff. Excellent communication, and I want to especially mention Mrs. Samantha Ervin. She did my two applications, and undoubtedly a very diligent and tremendous job.

Mona Tomescu, MD.

Really took a lot of the worry out of applying – made things much smoother and more professional – very happy I picked you!

Anne Lambert, MD.

Healthcare Licensing Services made the process of getting licensed extremely easy and pain-free. Katie was fantastic and did a great job following up on things and helping expedite the paperwork filing process. She was very helpful communicating with me throughout the whole process.

John Spellman, MD.

1. The staff was available in a timely manner – 10
2. The staff was friendly and professional – 10
3. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful – 10
4. The value of the service matched the fee for the service – 10
5. I would use your service again and/or recommend you to a colleague -10
6. You may use me as a professional reference – Yes

I cannot express enough my respect for your organization’s time, effort, and ability in handling this difficult professional application.


Clay N Boyd MD MBA

I dealt with Debbie Gitchel this time and with Cassey Thorn the previous time. All what I can say is 10 out of 10 for everything. The service that I received was excellent and I was so happy with the perfect job. They made my life so easy. Thanks a lot,
I will recommend you to everybody.

Ali Allawi, MD.

Thanks to everyone at HealthCare Licensing Services for all your efforts on our behalf. We would have never been able to get our physician force licensed and credentialed in multiple states without you. Your experience and dedication and willingness to listen to the customers needs took you far past our most demanding expectations. We look forward to a long, productive and collegial relationship. Thank you again.

Colin Timothy McDonald, M.D.
Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer
Brain Saving Technologies, Inc

We needed to obtain New Jersey medical licenses for several of our physicians. We were under a rigid time constraint and needed to have the licenses as quickly as possible. We interviewed several companies and decided to go with HLS, and were so glad that we did! A process that had taken us close to 12 months to complete has been reduced to one-third the time, thanks to HLS organized and hassle-free approach.

Patti Offner
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Board
Diagnostic Imaging, Inc

I appreciate not having to waste my time filling out the deluge of paperwork required by some states.

James Summers, MD
Licensed in: Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina

Healthcare Licensing Services was a great help to me in getting licensed in several states. They took most of the hassle out of what would have been a very tedious process. I recommend the service highly!

Sabrina Rajendran, MD, MBA
Licensed in: Florida, California, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut

This service took the worry and pain out of obtaining new licensure in a sea of paperwork and questions. one less thing to worry about when you are moving to a new state.

Susan Saburro, MD
Licensed in: Florida

Healthcare Licensing Services made getting my nursing license in Texas as easy as 1-2-3.

Heather Correa, RN
Licensed in: Texas

HLS, I believe, shaved off tons of time in getting the paperwork filled out and sent to the appropriate individuals. HLS was always very responsive by phone or email to my questions. Thanks!.

Robert Kelly, MD
Licensed in: California

I am extremely pleased with the services of Healthcare Licensing Services; although I was hesitant at first, I am so happy I overcame that feeling. My part was very simple, to complete one form, supply the fee, and the agency did the rest. They did a very thorough job of keeping up with the target state’s application process and let me know what, if anything was still needed from me. In a matter of 2 to 2.5 months, I had my license and a wall certificate! I can not say enough good things about this company, and highly recommend them to everyone.

Melanie Dawes, MD
Licensed in: California

Please do not hesitate to give my email or telephone number, I will speak with him or her. Your organization has been extremely diligent and professional at all times.

Lawton Tang, MD
Licensed in: Florida, New York

Healthcare Licensing Services made the entire licensing process easy. They handled everything and kept me informed via e-mail. It was a real timesaver for me and I would definitely recommend them.

James Hobley, MD
Licensed in: Louisiana

Forms from Healthcare Licensing Services, very easy and quick to fill out. After that everything was taken care of. licensed in less than 2 months.

Richard Huss, MD
Licensed in: Wisconsin

Simplified a process which otherwise would at best be daunting.

Stephen Fisher, MD
Licensed in: Washington

Speed up the process and informed me of the progress along the way.

Michael Price, MD
Licensed in: Georgia

HLS was efficient, kept in touch, replied promptly to emails, etc. I am very pleased.

Brian Sebastian, MD
Licensed in: Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, California

Courteous, Professional, thank you!

Jenny Lu, MD
Licensed in: Illinois

Thank you so much for everything. I’m so glad I used your services. The representative was very knowledgeable, and on top of everything. Things went smoothly, and I had no stress or worries.

Sherloune Normil-Smith, MD
Licensed in: California

HLS – will keep you on track and advise you through each element of the process.

Anne Johnson, MD
Licensed in: California

The best thing about your service is that I didn’t have to write all of the letters or make any phone calls. it saved me a lot of time and effort. it was well worth it.

Susan Duke, MD
Licensed in: Texas

This service was a tremendous time-saver. I could not imagine having to obtain transcripts from high school!

Paul Lutvak, MD
Licensed in: New Jersey

Your Services were so helpful – they made the licensing process swift and easy. I received my license in record time (7 weeks) I will recommend you to my colleagues, Thanks

Leah Solomon, MD
Licensed in: New Jersey

You can use me on your website – you made it very easy to get my Florida License

Mary Ellen Luchetti, MD
Licensed in: Florida

Excellent service, easy application process. Received my NY license in about 6 weeks after submitting information. Staff was very helpful

Ajit Belliappa, MD
Licensed in: New York