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About Us

Our enthusiastic team has your future in mind.

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. provides a time saving, cost-effective solution to meet the medical licensing needs of busy physicians.

Healthcare Licensing Services, Inc. has quickly become the largest medical licensing assistance company in the United States. Since august of 2000 we have helped license more Physicians than any other company in the Nation. We believe that our success is owed to our unbeatable customer service, our attention to detail, and our complete understanding of the medical licensure process.

Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our clients while helping them through the medical license application process. Healthcare Licensing Services employs only the best. We believe that the future of any company is greatly affected by the types of people that it employs. Our staff has more than a century of combined healthcare, administrative, and customer service experience.

Experience and Professionalism

A long record of success makes Healthcare Licensing Services the premier choice for busy physicians.

Don’t waste your time researching state medical license eligibility requirements, medical license application requirements, and completing stacks of forms and letters, as well as following up with sometimes 10 to 15 credentialing agencies to ensure that they are processing your requests efficiently. Leave all of that to us. One simple call is all that it takes to get you started with our service. We look forward to working with you!

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The best choice for you

The medical licensure assistance industry is growing quickly. Every couple of months a new company is formed.

This is good for you, the client, because it keeps the price of the service low. It is also good for us, the company, because it helps to spread the word about our service to those healthcare professionals that may not be aware of it. The problem for you is not knowing which company to choose. For starters most of the dozen or so medical licensing assistance companies perform the same types of work. However, that is where the similarities seem to dissipate.

How HLS compares to the competition:

  • Healthcare Licensing Services is the only medical licensing assistance company who’s customer database and website is tested daily for security vulnerabilities by the same company that tests,,, and many more. Some medical licensing assistance companies are very new and small, consisting of one or two people working from their homes. Healthcare Licensing Services employs a full-time staff of licensing professionals at all times, and we are located on the seventh floor of the Historic Blount Building, in the heart of sunny downtown Pensacola, FL.
  • Some medical licensing assistance companies charge in excess of $900 for their service. Healthcare Licensing Services charges a flat fee of $699.
  • Some medical licensing assistance companies handwrite or typewrite the medical licensure documents. Healthcare Licensing Services prepares all of its documents using custom computer software that is designed to complete all of the necessary forms quickly and as neatly as possible.

Finally, The best way to make an informed decision about which medical licensing assistance company to choose, is to request professional references. Healthcare Licensing Services maintains a long list of corporate and individual references that you may contact to inquire about the quality of our service.

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